Can I retire?

Assets Encompass look after £500,000

Background: client of 10 years, 59 years old Dr, married with 2 teenage children going through private education.

Client concerns: Really concerned about when he would be able to retire? At what age? Could he go before age 65? What would their Lifestyle be like? Had concerns about continuing to pay for their childrens education and ultimately could they afford to but a retirement home in France?

Results: Having gone through the Lifestyle Financial Planning process, all of the above concerns were addressed. He can now clearly see that retiring at 63 is an absolute certainty, so earlier than the planned 65. In fact 61 or 62 are possibles as well. They can also see with the Cashflow Forecasting that is used during the Lifestyle Planning process that there will be a significant sum of money leftover to allow them to do the other things they wanted to do, including wedding and house deposit funding gifts for their 2 sons.

Client feedback: “We feel relieved, have got peace of mind about the future and can go to work happy in the knowledge I can leave on my own terms knowing everything will be ok for us financially and we can move forward with our planned property purchase in France”.