Business Sale

Assets Encompass look after £250,000

Background: 46 & 40 yr old local business owners with 2 children, with a business worth circa £900,000, They have a main residence plus a holiday residence abroad.
Client concerns: The client was really keen to know when they can sell the business and retire without it affecting their desired lifestyle, and wanted to see if they could buy a second holiday home in Bournemouth.

Results: We provided very clear guidance on when the business could be sold, with clarity on this, we then also spent some time on different scenarios to see what they could afford regarding the holiday home in Bournemouth and when this would be paid off. With a holiday home subsequently purchased.

Client feedback: “Excellent to know when we can plan to sell the business, we didnt want to have to work beyond age 55 so knowing this is absolutely fantastic news. Lifestyle gave us the information and the confidence to go ahead with our planned property purchase in Bournemouth earlier than planned”.