Wants to retire asap

(Assets Encompass look after £250,000)

Background: 61 yr old Administrator at local hospital, with no family to speak of.

Client concerns: She wants to retire asap, probably at age 62 but possibly earlier but really has no idea what her financial situation would be like, she had no idea of the relationship between her assets and her desired lifestyle and it was really bothering her. Kinder questions indicated a strong desire to visit her brother in Canada by sailing on the Queen Mary and take a world cruise, but absolutely didn’t think this was possible.

Results: Our lifestyle planning process clearly answered her major concern regarding retirement, she could retire immediately if she so wished, we showed her current position using cashflow forecasting with which she was delighted. We then looked at another scenario including the cost of the Queen Mary trip and the world cruise. We did some research and printed this off and used this as part of the presentation.

Client feedback: “Michael, this is just amazing, I am so happy and relieved with what you have shown me today, thank you so much, that is amazing”.