Cashflow for Private Care

Pending Personal Injury award circa £5,000,000

The Immediate requirement was a Cash flow forecast that would take account of private care costs / income inflation and special needs of the client up to and beyond retirement for a severely handicapped individual currently in local authority care.

A substantial injury award was granted by the court of protection the objective being to fund private care for the remainder of his life expectancy. Cash flow forecasting software enabled us to build confidence in the clients legal representatives by being able to demonstrate a technical awareness of what was required in reaching assumptions of when, if at all, the lawyer would have to return to the courts because the trust had run out of money. This could result in his legal representatives returning to court for more money or the worst case scenario being that he would have to return to local authority care.

Lifestyle Financial Planning changed the mindset of the lawyer who believed our role would simply involve indentifying where to invest the proceeds of the award.